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The culmination of 25 years of Rationale R+D are their groundbreaking ISOTROPIC FORMULATIONS. Formulations that are Skin Identical, delivering perfect synchronicity with the skin.

Rationale's revolutionary ISOTROPIC FORMULATIONS deliver multiple skin benefits:
  • Targeted delivery of active ingredients
  • Optimised cell-to-cell communication
  • Fortification of barrier function
  • Synergistic layering of each product to achieve maximum skin vitality and luminosity
  • Every formulation is hydrating, revitalising enzymatic function and epidermal moisturisation
  • Decreased skin sensitivity
  • Preservative free formulations – a new industry benchmark
The entire Rationale range, from the iconic Essential Six to the new range of super-luxe Hydrators and Specialist Products are 100% Isotropic.

Formulations as luxurious as they are powerful.

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